Abuja, Nigeria

Abuja Nigeria 


The capital city of Nigeria is a densely populated area of Nigeria where business blooms, probably because of the atmosphere and the integration of almost all ethnic groups. 

There are three set of people living in Abuja. Namely:

The rich, the indigene and the hustlers.

  •  However, the city is structured for the rich, that is why 40percent of the population are rich, 50percent are hustlers while the remaining 10% are the original indigene who careless about the affluentic life everyone chases around. Travelling to Abuja, at the back of your mind, you should know accommodation is on the high side, but definitely there are some jobs that will give you accommodation. Transportation, if not careful, all your money will vanish on car drop but mind you, transportation is very very bearable below your expectations of you know the way out.   Read more on https://timbu.com/nigeria

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