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As a Nigerian youth, we have a kind of mentality that need to be skewed. We all are here 18years ago when the whole PDP transition got firmed, they have a plan of ruling us forever, we’re not two party system like the Americans, republican or democrat, we are multi party system.. I don’t think there is any restriction as long as you can afford to purchase a form for a particular seat and you merited the academic qualification. Many of the 80’s youth, come down to 90’s were intellectually aware of the government starting from Obasanjo’s regime.

I could remember the day Gen. Sanni Abacha was blessed with Adam’s faith, though different consequences, He was poisoned out of life while Adam was poisoned out of paradise but they both ate Apple. Everyone was happy like Nigerians had gained redemption. Then the white bearded man who assumed the post immediately for stability gave it out to democracy. Thanks to him.
20years later and still counting, things grew from bad to worst, you can as well borrow me some english words harsher that worst, probably, ‘most worstest'( Bad English) smile-its a medicine.
Just last month, PMB in the U.K called us lazy before the world. Social media aroused with their savagery, that’s the best tool of a Nigerian youth, facebook, instagram and twitter. Come to think of it, I slated the president too, it’s outrageous in front of the whole world saying such things when you’ve not provided enough basic amenities and opportunities for them,all you propagated was ‘No to corruption’ but corruption keeps coming around like a roundabout road. This lazy youths struggled day and night for survival. I’m not here to blame the government this time but rather I’ll centre the accusation light on the Nigerian youths.
Firstly, I believe the president is referring to the youths from the northern part of the country, they’re mostly uneducated but they’re not even lazy. Not privileged for education doesn’t mean you’re lazy and western education is not the only form of education too. Mr. President needs to eat those words of his.

However, when PMB said we’re lazy, I will admit to some extent, Nigerian Youths are mostly intellectually lazy, coward. I’m saying this because we focussed more on irrelevances that steal away our future. Big brother??? Celebrity News??? Social media savagery?? Many will beat each other because Davido said this!, Wizkid said that!, Olamide is the best! Ronaldo is good Messi is better!  The only things we do. Now, Big Brother Nigeria on its first week, had a massive vote of 11million..at 30naira per SMS. If 11million youths supported any vanguard, nothing can stop it from prevailing.
We are the hooligans behind the ruling cabal, there children are abroad, enjoying, we canvassed and fought for these people to win elections, we collect money to cast our vote, we vote for tribe, we vote for religion and not personality, and when they assumed post, they organized talent hunt and shows instead of jobs, they buy you drugs and alcohol instead of trainings and organise weak empowerment money-embezzling-schemes.  Tell me, where is our focus??
A 75years old man, can he be IT inclined??? Can he even be in charge of his social media handles himself?? He’s not in vogue!!! None of them were, they’re all about the money. No law or youth can stop them.  I heard he’s(PMB) saint, well, even before God, a father will be responsible for his family.
He’s being in government before many of us were born, likewise many others up there too, in the Senate, in the Rep., they’ve turned it into an occupation. Many stole public funds, once they’ve jumped  to the ruling party, immunity stands, they stole exorbitant amounts, billions, dragged the issues in court with plenty SANs that are seniors to to the judge himself.
Probably after paying a fewer thousands fine, lesser than 0.01% of what they stole. Shit! and a common man who out of hunger stole in the market was met with jungle justice, some were sentenced to life imprisonment or face the firing squad. So many injustice.
They’ve never for once considered us, infact here is the original ‘Forest of Melancholy’, they’ve divided us with tribalism and religion and distracted us with entertainment, educational stress, hunger, time consuming frivolities around. We’re now prisoners in our own house. It’s time to think, we’re far behind,
a stagnant water stinks, a stagnant human sinks. 
I won’t vote for a Grandpa again, I don’t care what you think about me, I’ve wisen up.

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