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As an educator, we complain about the fact that our students do not have the love of science in them like it should be, like us in those days, but we need to understand that the love we had those days has been replaced by a lot of distractions this days. They are only motivated through gadgets, movie series, reality shows, social media king-ing and slay mama-ing (if there is anything like that). Then how do we make them love science?

We are in the engagement era – the 21st century whether we comply with it or not. The only secret is getting them involved, let them act the role of different scientist and try to solve a similar problem they’ve solved. Let them identify world’s problem, give them the sense of purpose, let them act out the role of scientist rather rather telling them what the scientist has done. Acting the role will give them critical thinking skills because they wont like to feel less of the man and as well drive out their creative thinking skills.

Why do we need to teach science

  1. To induce curiosity
  2. To build new level of researches
  3. to investigate
  4. to explore
  5. to discover new things
  6. to create new inventors.

The last part to create new inventors is the reason why technologically the country Nigeria is not advancing. We are only teaching history and not science. Always concern about how they will pass WASSCE.

Ensure your students are scientist and not historians

Students of science must be allowed to make constant continuous errors, they should work together having their teacher as a coach. By doing so, you will also be training them to make researches, to read and not just writing notes.

However, we are always afraid of how they will pass their exams, what the curriculum says, what the school authority says…as an educator, lets endeavor to find an equilibrium point where we can merge the great science teaching methodology and the curriculum, it will greatly enhance the curriculum thereby serving the knowledge of science to your students on a silver platter at the upper range of the bloom’s taxonomy.

Science exams should be after the skills of observing and making data analysis from the observations. it should be driven towards solving problems.

You are not teaching science if your lab is not messy, always neat……

The necessary changes that should be expected from all science educators after reading this post are:

  1. We should ensure the science class is student centered
  2. We should ensure there are class activities and experiments put in place for every class
  3. We should make sure our exams are driven towards solving problems
  4. Our exams should be after observing and analyzing data.

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written by: YourBestTeacher

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